udland: danish crown i hele verden

Men of the world

Danish Crown likes to be there when business leaders and heads of state from all over the world meet.

In April, the Russian president, Dmitrij Medvedev, visited Denmark, and on several occasions during the year, officials from Denmark have visited other countries in the company of Danish Crown ...


Massive yes to Danish Crown A/S

The decision to turn Danish Crown into a limited company was fully endorsed by the Board of Represen­tatives.


TV chefs barbecuing lots of meat

Many different cuts, and perhaps some rarely seen variants, sizzled on four barbecue s when the TV chefs Adam and James came along for a ...


Prime minister visits slaughterhouse

Under the eyes of the media, the Swedish prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, dropped by the Ugglarps slaughterhouse in southern Sweden ...

When the tide turns

-Kjeld Johannesen | CEO

A few days before I went on holiday last summer, a challenge landed on my desk. The sort of challenge I hadn’t encountered for a long time.

I needed to draw up a waiting list. A waiting list for pigs for slaughter, because registrations of new pigs for slaughter were coming in so fast that we couldn’t keep up.

All those who dropped by my office that day can testify to how happy I was ...


In future, all Danish Crown’s factories will be inspected from A to Z every month as a fire-prevention exercise.

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Indland: Vilje til forandring
May 2010

Strong interim results after one year with DC Future

On 5 May, Danish Crown presented strong interim results to the Board of Directors. With revenue of DKK 21.8 billion and a net profit of DKK 604.4 million, the company is demonstrating that competitiveness has been strengthened through the initiatives launched on all fronts in the past year.

- Most importantly, we are now competitive when it comes to the prices offered to members. After a year with DC Future we can see that all group companies are as a minimum meeting the ambitious targets defined, and that some are even exceeding these targets, which is excellent, says Kjeld Johannesen, CEO of Danish Crown.

Costs in the Pork Division have been reduced by DKK 0.30 per kg, and the Pork Div­ision’s global sales strategy has proven its worth.

debat: et ejerskab med værdier

DC Settlement System making quite an impact

The DC Settlement System offers a number of services to individual members. The three main elements are DC Logistics, DC Contract and DC Market. The three elements increase flexibility, introduce wider weight limits and a new price matrix, the purpose being to increase earnings ...

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Job: den globale arbejdsplads
January 2010

Fewer injuries

The number of falls and cutting accidents is down at the Danish Crown slaughterhouses in Denmark. The number of accidents at work has fallen by as much as 34pc since 2006/07. The cure against accidents at work is called the ‘accidental project’. It started in Ringsted six years ago and has since been rolled out at all DC facilities.

Kultur: det gode kød

Denmark’s most exclusive bullock sold for DKK 74.350

The most expensive bullock produced in Denmark so far was sold on Wednesday to the Umami restaurant in Copenhagen for DKK 74,350.

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